If your company engages individuals on a self-employed basis, there is a good chance HMRC will question how and why they are self-employed if they open an enquiry into the business.


There are now a lot of responsibilities and potential liabilities for agencies over the way in which individuals are paid especially if they are ‘off-payroll’. Let us guide you through it all…

IR35 End-Clients

IR35 has changed significantly over the last few years and now there are different rules for different sectors and different sizes of organisation. We literally wrote the book on IR35 and can help you…

IR35 PSC's

Are you ready for IR35? Trinity Tax can help your business be prepared. We can review the contractual documents, look at working practices, draft contracts and defend your position if there is an enquiry.

Trinity Tax provide expert advice & assistance to companies who need help with IR35 & Employment Status Tax law

We have extensive experience in this field and by using our services you can have peace of mind that you will be in the best position possible should HMRC come knocking on your door.

About Trinity Tax

Trinity tax is headed up by employment status experts, Kye Burchmore and Sarah Carstens.

Trinity Tax can provide expert advice and assistance to companies concerned about these complicated areas of tax law. This can vary from reviewing contracts, documents and working practices through to defending companies under enquiry.

Kye & Sarah have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of advising and defending companies and have written tax articles for Tolleys, Simon’s Tax Briefing, Bloomsbury, Taxation Magazine and Accountingweb. They are also the status and IR35 appointed experts for Taxaction and Professional Fee Protection and also provide seminars and training sessions upon request.

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News From our Blog

Are you ready for IR35? Stay up to date with the latest news and expert advice from the Trinity Tax Team via our Blog. We are helping the UK’s leading organisations avoid the impact of IR35 non-compliance.

HMRC lose again!
HMRC have suffered another defeat in their campaign in the media sector this time it was Canal Street Productions v HMRC. HMRC have been hugely unsuccessful in challenging companies under IR35 over the last decade and so when they started a new project, targeting the media sector and presenters, they...
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2020 IR35 legislation
You can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it and despite some wishful thinking, IR35 will be changing from April 2020. April will come around before you know it and so it is better to get ahead of the curve and start considering how it may impact your business. What is changing? Everything, but also...
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Off payroll Working book
Earlier in the year, Kye Burchmore was approached by Bloomsbury Publishing to see whether he would like to write a book about off-payroll working which would cover employment status, agency legislation, IR35 and the managed service company rules. Kye has previously worked with Bloomsbury when updating...
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